Low fuel on long haul

United style m8?

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When should I stop step climbing?

Stay at 39,000ft according to windy.com, the winds will help you best there. The winds in the Atlantic are pretty concentrated.

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Yeah I have to but I can’t find you for some reason

It’s Captain Weger. It’s pretty hard because of the amount of aircraft. Kind of in the middle, there are a cluster of 3 planes. I’m in there

For future flights, a handy tool

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I found you! Just let me know when you are going to approach the coast of Ireland!

Great! Will do

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I will be slowing down to Mach 0.82

Sorry… Mach 0.86

Estimated flight time - 1:48
Fuel - 2:17
We’re making progress

Your FPL shows that EGCC, and EGPF are nearby your path. If you choose to divert those will be good choices imo. If by that time your ETD and AFOB have a difference of less than 1 hour diverting is a pretty good option given that ATC might have difficulty accommodating emergency aircraft during FNF. If you do divert you would also have the chance to add some contingency fuel to have time for go arounds or delays by approach.

btw in the future, it might be good to plan using simbrief.com or https://fpltoif.com/

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@Trey_Weger… Your plea can not be addressed without a position report. On your Dashboard activate the “Position Option” which will present your Lat/Long… Send it here. In the interim Check distence to Azores (Islands) + Tenerife South ((TFS)
Max Sends

I’m on an iPad if that helps. Do you mean the dashboard at the bottom where you can see the certain things (eg. altitude and ETE to dest)? I cannot find the position option

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@Maxmustang I’ve found him on liveflight if that helps.

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Next waypoint is PIKIL if that helps at all. I’m about 12 minutes away from there

@Trey_Weger… Dashboard at bottom of screen. Look for “Airplane Position” . Are you on Polar Route, if so Devert to Stormaway or Shannon In Ireland. Straight trans oceanic Tenorif.

If you Devert just add a leg to Devert destination, activate it. Proceed to Devert fuel up. Delete divert leg continue with plan. That way you will not loss XP/Hours.

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Better ask your passengers do they know how to swim. 🏊‍♂️


@Trey_Weger. No ruff estimate. Send complete data shown in block.