Low fuel on long haul

Hey guys. I’m on my way to Amsterdam and I’m crossing the Atlantic right now. I thought I had enough fuel to last the whole flight but my flight time is 2:33 and my fuel will run out in 2:10. What can I do to make it to Amsterdam without running out of fuel?



Or divert to the nearest airport when you reach 30 minutes left.

Idk but you might catch a tailwind and make it


My best tip is to land at Shannon (EINN) and refuel.


Step Climb no need to pray or divert

Edit: Well maybe this might work
Edit 2: Step climbing brings you to a high altitude in which less duke in which required because their is less air and air density. Therefore you won’t use as much fuel this might help


Kick a few passengers out to lighten the load.

Or just be safe and divert.


Hey Trey! Once you descend, your Fuel Flow will decrease meaning you will burn fuel at a much lower rate. I think you should be fine, but maybe plan in for a diversion. Depends on what the winds are looking like as well!


Sometimes you’ve got to sacrifice the few to save the many eh?


Other way around descending only burns more fuel


What’s your altitude right now? What @Mike_Lima_Tango is only true, while your descending and as long as you are decreasing speed. Otherwise the higher you stay, the less fuel you burn


Someone agrees thankfully with the step climb part ;)

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If you do step climb, do it slowly.

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Altitude is FL350

Approach will probably be very long (FNF), so I’d recommend diverting.

Expect a deviation from your flight plan due to long approach lines, so your ETA will be incorrect.


You need a tanker? I can refuel you maybe?

Looks like you’re already at a stable cruising alt. If winds are in your favour at lower altitudes, don’t be afraid to drop down a few thousand feet.


Other way around you want to climb because of air density lowering your altitude will only make you burn More fuel

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That would be awesome 😂! But IF doesn’t do that

If you’re in a fighter jet it does

Honest option, step climbing or diverting. Do not drop down lower, it is extremely rare that the winds will be more in your favor the lower you go, and YOUR FUEL FLOW WILL INCREASE, unless you decrease speed. You have roughly 2 hours. So I’d say about an hour to decide.

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I will come and escort you! Where you at?