low fuel (emergency landing:)

How do you like landing? but what would you do in such a situation?)
Video below
ps expert server

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That was some nice flying towards the end and a smooth landing!

Just a couple of comments:

  1. Didn’t hear any use of UNICOM which could have alerted the other guy that you where low on fuel (hopefully they would have go a go-around so that you could have landed first)
  2. Recommend that you spend a little time at the pre-flight stage so that you have enough fuel on landing to avoid the situation in the first place.

Lastly which airport was that, looked an intresting approach!


I would fly the pattern and land in the right direction. It seems that you have enough fuel.

Landing was okay.


The guy was warned, it was not included in the video. :)
thanks for the comment

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Qamdo-Bamda in china

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