Low frame rates

He meant infiniteflight settings

Oh I never knew that 😅

From 60fps it dims to 30-40 fps

I’m pretty sure most people limit at 30 so this doesn’t really matter that much

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I was testing with an F22 again. When I climb above around 9000ft frames die. If I switch rendering quality to low then I can get 60fps. At medium I only get 15-20.

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Able to reproduce
Samsung Tab S7
Android 11 UI 3.1

Before the update when I was flying the GPU was at about 50 ~ 69% utilization with the graphics on full power. Now with the beta the game has become slow and it’s freezing. i have a huge loss of my fps and the GPU is 99% constant used and my tablet is overheating and i feel like there is a filter making my game disgusting.

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I’ve done a couple tests dealing with the framerate issue. It hasn’t stooped this low until today. I would usually get 20-30fps on high settings, now having dropped to around 7fps regardless of camera view or anything like it. The only means of improving the performance is toning down the Rendering Quality, which @HKflyer1 already pointed out. Medium quality is around 15 frames, low is the usual. Never before have I seen this on my hardware until recent, with the CPU reaching just about its maximum strain.


mine is having 20 fps of the new version, I put the rendering quality low and reached 30fps with anti-aliasing on, but it is very blurry

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on ground without 3D buildings, i get 60fps on 99% GPU load
on ground with 3D buildings, i get 50 fps at 99% GPU load
same settings, in the air i get 30fps at 99% GPU load


Bouncing back onto my previous message, I think I only have this low frame rates issue while braking on short final of 3D airports.

Device characteristics
Device: iPhone XS Max
OS version: iOS 14.2
IF version: 21.01 (959)

Game settings
Rendering quality: Medium
3D object density: High
Rendering resolution: Medium
Texture quality: Medium
Anti-Aliasing: On
Frame rate limit: 30fps

I think this just means we need newer devices. I get 30 FPS only on cruise and that is when my settings on my iPad mini 4 are

Rendering quality: Low
3D object density: High
Rendering resolution: Low
Texture quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: On or Off
Frame rate limit: 30fps

When I’m on the ground? 20 FPS maximum, not topping it. (exhale) Still playable at 15-20 FPS but not optimal. It’s like I’m on a Nintendo with low frame rates.

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If you’re getting 30fps in the air then it’s the 3D object, texture quality and airplane count settings. Try turning down 3D object and maybe set texture quality to low/medium, we can’t see what your airplane count is but that can play a major role.

What do you suggest for people that get 50-60fps at 3D buildings at max then get 20-30fps in the air

What device do you have and what settings? Hard to tell without those.

Xiaomi poco f2 pro with a snapdragon 865 and 6GB ram. Using theses settings i get 50-60fps on 3D buildings but it drops to 20-30fps like 2 mins after taking off. My clouds are set to broken

Thing is I’m getting 30 FPS on cruise with the specified graphics settings. So it’s a 4.5/10 for visuals. I can barely read/see the live instruments in critical phases of the flights. I’ve watched my device become more obsolete with every update. At update 21.3, rip.

Airplane count is set to very high, thanks for letting me know that I forgot it. But the problem also occurs in empty 3D airports, so I don’t think that’s the reason for that.

I could guess and say it’s heat related but that would just be a guess. I’m not familiar with Android devices, maybe @Kirito_77 could suggest some settings. Obviously high is not working for you currently on the current build that’s still being worked on.

My guess is it’s the high texture quality, maybe try setting it to low then working up to medium, then back to high if it’s not making a large difference.

You’re on a beta build and some of those things you mentioned have been reported/being worked on so your device is not obsolete just yet.

Maybe set 3D objects to Medium, you can barely notice a difference visually but it helps with performance. They are still optimizing things but your device is 3 years old so there’s a possibility that it can’t handle High 3D objects. Very High Airplane Count has a pretty sizeable impact on performance so maybe adjust that and 3D object, i.e. set 3D Object on Medium and Airplane Count to High.