LOW FPS under FL200

I have a low fps when my plane passing FL200… below it’s 20… but after Fl200 it’s 10…
How i can fix that?
Device - Samsung A21S(4gb ram, 20gb local storage left)
Graphics - Rendering Qua(high) Rendering Res(medium) AA - OFF, Limit On.
Low power during long haul - off.

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I would try to restart your device to see if that works

no it’s not ^^

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Are you going into a bust airspace? Maybe try lowering your plane count to none or low.

no it’s not helping me…
i’m far away from planes atm

Try doing a clear scenery cache. That can sometimes work if there something wrong with your scenery.

already do that not work

Hmm. Maybe after your flight try deleting and re-downloading the app. You will lose ALL of your replays though.

What your iPad percent and is it on low power mode?

it’s not IPAD it’s samsung…

Oh yeah. Sorry about that😅. Did you still try what I said a live though?

umm no i;m in flight

It’s most likely your phones specs. Your using a budget phone. Try changing all graphics to lowest settings and you should be ok

tried at all low still bad fps

Try and see if your device is listed here, it will give you expected performance and recommended specs.

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