Low FPS on XCub

Hey Everyone,

I use an iPhone 8 Plus with Infinite Flight and was flying the XCub yesterday.

I was experiencing really low FPS (visually)

Does this happen to anyone else?

Anything I can do to fix?


Hi Alpha 👋 You may need to change your graphics settings… as well as this make sure you have enough spare space for Infinite Flight to run. More info can be found here: Support FAQ 2019 - Please read this before posting! - #22

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Ok I will have a look. Just really strange that it’s only on the XCub

The XCub is a really detailed aircraft. It takes a top end device to run it smoothly. If you use a non-cockpit view (such as HUD view) you should see an improvement in performance but that’s no fun. Unfortunately the only other option if you are unable to procure a brand new iPad is to lower your graphics settings to a point which allows for smooth gameplay on your device. Not ideal but it’s the way things are.

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