Low FPS on Lenovo P11 when flying above 10,000ft

Hey! so i got a new device today becaise its my birthday, and when i fly above 10,000ft the FPS rate drops really low, so could someone tell me why this is?

lenovo p11
Operating system:
Qualcomm dragon 622

Well, Infinite Flight doesn’t support PC as it only supports mobile. Nothing much you can do unless if you are talking about share screen.

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Lenovo P11 is a tablet

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Oh Mb lol, thought you was talking about a pc. Have you tried testing which best graphics work the best?
(Expect a late reply, a Super Late Reply)

yeah, mostly all high settings. its smooth when looking down at the ground, but when i look up at the sky in free mode, it looses FPS

Hey there,

Your issue isn’t uncommon; low FPS has been reported by the community quite frequently since this update. I’d suggest continuing the discussion in the below thread, outlining your device info and any scenarios that cause the framerate drops.


Thanks mate, will do!