Low FPS, frequent freezes (SOLVED, thanks for the help)

Now, I know there are a lot of posts similar to this and the devs are currently working hard to fix things but, my game is dropping FPS quite a lot it may have something to do with the servers being overfilled but it’s also freezing, I’m trying to fly from LPPT-LPPR and I’m at 60fps but you game keeps having small freezes here and there. It’s annoying, and the FPS only drop ps when I go onto the map view (I will delete after a little bit, lol)

Yeah, it’s probably just the amount of people who are infinite flight right now, there’s even problems flying solo, is you camara changing slow? That’s my main problem.

Yes that’s my issue too, the game is just freezing a lot, hopefully a few days from now everything should be normal, thanks! Also how do I close a topic, I don’t want notifications lol

I don’t quite know about the freezing part but I can definitely tell you’ll come across a few stutters here and there with the B772ER since it’s heavily loaded with a lot of animated features!

This is happening to me too, I’m using my IPhone 11 on all low graphics and whenever I touch the screen it freezes for a good 10 seconds

Yeah, if you flag your original comment, and put it under other, and then you can ask for the moderator to close it.

Happy flying!

Ok thanks, u2 :)