Low FPS after the 19.2 update

Hey guys:

I play IF in an iPad Mini 4 and it always runs fine the game at more than 50 fps but now after the last update using the same settings I have less than 30fps, even in low settings! What is happening? Could you please fix that for the next hotfix, please? Thank you.


Sorry to hear.
Exactly which graphics settings are you using and if able, could you make screen recording of it and upload?

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I always use medium graphic settings with anti-aliasing activated and limit frame rate deactivated. It ran smoothly with that.

I’ll post the video later cus’ right now I am about to leave the city and will be back at night.

This specific setting is a huge performance killer unless your device is on the top in terms of performance. It is strongly recommended to have it turned on.

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I understand that but the point is that even in the lowest graphic settings I get the worst performance.

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Yep. That’s noted and it’s also why I’d like the screen recording :)

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