Low flying

What’s the lowest you have flown on a F-22? Either on casual or solo, obviously.


I mean I’ve crashed in it before, so that low


Nosedived till -0 alt only to go to space. 😎

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Um, roughly a negative million feet (which crashes my sim).

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ive gone 20 feet in a low flyover in the F-16

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Without hitting the ground, 3ft. I’ve bounced of the ground before with out the game crashing

Every time I fly it I fly an inch form the ground ,

milliseconds from landing

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Back in the old days you could taxi across the blue colored dirt and not get a vios as long as you stayed under 35 kts…occasionally l might have tipped over… so that might have made me a submarine !

If you’re talking about actually flying, I cruised at one inch (or a couple; I dunno) above the ground.

My lowest was -500K feets when I was driving to go to space

You can land the f22 without a landing gear

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My lowest was -12 million feet

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Probably 15ft on casual I can’t remember

Does it count if you flew into the ground and popped back up on the other side of the earth and flew into space?

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my lowest is -2,000,000ft before i quit

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Above the ground while over 500 kts: around 6 inches
Not above the ground over 500kts: I dunno. Lost track

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