Low flying planes

I was just in Nassau County on Long Island. The planes typically fly low on approach to 22L/22R at JFK. I noticed 2 planes close together at the same altitude. Do you think they should be this close together, or was it an ATC mistake? They weren’t on final but getting ready to turn base, one going W and another going NNW. Sorry for the poor quality I took the picture on my iPhone.


I think that they would be fine, ATC would have them under control.


OH 💩two planes at roughly the same altitudes? Better call the FAA!


The thing is that they were fairly close to each other.

They will be in final, where I’m not sure that the same spacing rules apply. You’ll see countless videos of parallel approaches at SFO, and then they are probably less than 100 feet spacing.

They weren’t on final. I took the pic viewing N, and they did not begin the turn SW yet.

Probably not final, but they have to be close to landing at that low of an altitude.

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I think they may have been on base. They usually fly at about 2000 feet while over northern Nassau county (towns like Oyster bay, east Norwich, etc.) and then they begin their turn to the SW for final.

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