Low cost virtual group?

I was just wondering why not a low cost airline virtual group but my idea is that it would not work like a group
,it would work more like a virtual airline
what do you guys think?

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There are plenty of low cost virtual airlines already operating. Have a look at the database. :)


Frontier Airlines is an Ultra-Low-Cost airline and the first low cost airline to offer Transregional flights.
DISCLAIMER: please note this is in no way a shape or form of global. You must stay in the regional boundaries. Check frontiers website under routes to see how to complete these

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lol do people really believe that its global

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I have had some people who did…unfortunately.

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VTG group is all a low-cost group.


First “low cost” VA offering inter-regional flights rather than first VA I guess you mean to say? Had interregional flights in Qantas for sometime, and before that in a Facebook based BA VA had them as well.

Only one way of doing it, but much easier when Global arrives!

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I run Lion Air Virtual, which is low cost in real life

Correct lol I’ll fix that boy my mistake

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If your looking for a European based low cost carrier , then EasyJet VA is your answer! Join us this Saturday for our recruitment flight event …

Shameless recruitment ;)

EasyJet VA will have the monopoly !!! Bwa ha ha ha 😈

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