Low cost to ireland

The mighty Ryanair Boeing 737 from Malaga to Dublin. This was a short flight if you compare it to the flights of the last few days. I did this flight in the expert server and it took around 2 and a half hours long. The cruise speed was mach 0.78 and the cruise altitude was fl370.

Information about this flight;

 • Server: expert server 
 • Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
 • Livery: Ryanair 
 • Route: LEMG-EIDW
 • Callsign: Ryanair 737 
 • Altitude: fl370
 • Speed: mach 0.78 
 • Flight time: 2:31

Bus boarding.



Above France.

Also above France.


Short final.



Tomorrow I’ll post a screenshots and videos topic about a flight from Santiago to Istanbul in the Turkish a330F.


Great shots man! I flew the route in real life but with Aerlingus:) hopefully we get a Malaga 3d airport soon!

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Thank you! Aerlingus is a little better I think haha.

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Haha yes I agree! But Ryanair isn’t too bad considering it’s the ‘cheaper option’

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