Low Cost Luton Touch & Go Tribute @ EGGW - 151900ZFEB17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: London

Airport: EGGW (London Luton)

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Luton Airport Touch-and-go event. This event is linked to my article on the history of London Luton Airport. Check it out here: London Luton Airport (EGGW)

This is similar to an event that took place earlier in the week however, this time it is on training server as people wanted to take part who are lower than grade 3.

All Pilots will begin by selecting an aircraft/livery from the list below:

EasyJet A319 or A320
Ryanair B737-800
Wizz Air A320
Thomson B737-800
Thomas Cook A321
Transavia 737-800

Pilots will then meet at the terminal stands, Please comment username and callsign below to be assigned to a stand.

Stand 41= Abhinav_Jaiswal
Stand 42 = ryanair 345
Stand 43 = Ricardo-acosta
Stand 44 = Easy 6
Stand 45 = TC
Stand 46
Stand 47 = TOM5073
Stand 48 = QFA0376
Stand 61
Stand 60
The event will begin at roughly 19:00ZULU. Aircraft will begin taxi when I announce Taxi (Easy 6).

Once at the active runway, aircraft will perform standard take-off procedures including standard spacing. We will then fly left traffic if the runway is 08 or right traffic if the runway is 26. I (Easy 6) will lead everyone out and will lead the pattern to determine pattern length etc. Come along and give it a try, its a great way to level up quickly!

Important Pattern Info:

Altitude: 3000FT
Speed: 200KTS
Climb rate: 2500FPM

**If a member of IFATC would like to provide ground/tower control for this event, please message me privately.

Any questions, comment below.


I want to be the part of this please give me stand 41
Thanks and reply me fast

Stand 41 is yours, what will your username and callsign be for the session?

Sign me up plz Stand 48
Callsign : QFA0376

48 all yours, see you at 7zulu

I’ll join in a 737-800 at stand 61.
callsign will be TOM5073

Correction stand 47.

stand 47 is all yours

Thnx sir cu thr at 7 Zulu

I will be there in a a320 wizz air

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may i join in :D would love to fly a ryanair 737 my callsign will be ryanair 345

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see you there, gate all yours.

See you there, gate all yours!

cheers :D glad i can come my infinite fflight name is nkw doohill

I’ll come now. Ryanair 737.

feel free to join whenever, on first circuit now.

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at was fun great flight

Thank you all for coming along. Here are a few snaps I managed to get.

IFATC won’t be able to control at this event as it’s on the training server, we are only permitted to control on expert unless we get permission from a mod.

Just giving you the heads up :)

Sir, I am Samuel and i was supposed to be there at gate 48 with callsign QFA0376. You all will be probably laughing of wjat jusy happened to me. I got confused and i accidently swap myself in the other event. And when i went there there was 1-2 ppl practicing for the competition at WMBT. Tht was supposed to happen on Saturday amd i went there at 17:00Zulu which is supposed foe this event and i realise that i had to be at this event. So basically i confused myself and accidentally went to othwr map qhen i had to come here. And now here i stand dumbest one. Missed the participation,misses out all the fun. 😟😥😣 im so stupid. Did this ever happen to anyone else?
Once again im sorry for not being there