Low Cost Carrier XL Airways Ceases Operations

From Forbes. It looks like XL has gone too, a double whammy, and another former giant of package industry airlines gone.

EDIT: Plan is to stop flying today, September 22.


very sad 😔

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Tip for future low cost airlines: do not operate cheap long haul flights as they do not work in the long run.

Next Airline Left The Channel

Jokes aside, yet another low cost airline goes, when will they learn? I don’t know.

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It worked at the time, this year and last year has had a large number of massive issues impacting the tourist industry. We have the heatwave, we have the uncertainty of a certain political event I will not speak of resulting in bookings going down. We have fuel prices and other pricing issues, and this all combines with a business model with razor thin margins.

I have researched the airline industry for a school essay- the entire industry makes hardly any money compared to its value. In a good year it’ll probably make $1b or so profit. It’s a very tough environment out there for an airline

My statement was based on the fact that airlines who operate long haul flight for cheap prices never last long like thomas cook and monarch.

AirAsia and Jetstar have lasted pretty well- though it’s also because they also have a strong short haul network.

Same time as Thomas Cook

Who’s next to fall?

Lets see if its going to be Norwegian i hope not

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My guess is Norwegian in the far future

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Adria my friend.

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Yep I heard Adria had some financial issues

AnOtHeR oNe BiTeS tHe DuSt.

And another one down, another one down, another one bites the dust.

I guess you could call that a budget airpocalypse.

BaDum Tss

2019 is a bad year for avacion

Actually, it is better than some. Just look at 2001 or 2008.


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