Low Cost Airlines Event @ EGKK - 141500ZNOV15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: London

Airport: LGW

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: Do you prefer EZY A320 or RYR B737?

Aircraft to use : *Only A320 from EasyJet OR B737 from Ryanair"

Hello guy’s this is my first submitted event! I hope you want to join it. From 1500Z to 2300Z!

Just enjoy!

Aircraft to use : B737 RYR or A320 EZY.
Route : Departing EGKK, landing in EGBB, flightpath at your discretion.

I need ATC for those airports, i will join the event around 2000Z.

I hope to see a good traffic! This is my first event!

Important, escorts services are allowed! for made pictures of some flying formation

Date to be announced, we wait the update =D

[this post wil be updated by me]

multiple persons can select the same frequency (if he dont want controlling within 7 hours =D )

Multiple peoples can select a frequency, but at the event ,just wait the frequency being free.

TOWER : @Furtive_masstwofourf
GROUND: not reserved

TOWER: not reserved
GROUND: not reserved

  • I will join it for flying
  • I will join it for controlling (if more than 4 votes, please one frequency per person)

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I think the update will be by Friday so make it thursday. That’s what my instincts are telling me


I think choose a date after the official A320 event. one or two days later.


Ok captain💂

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Like the idea of this fly in. As a slight twist how about having Ryan Air starting from Stanstead and the EZY boys starting from either Luton or Gatwick? ( both EZY bases)

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But for see what airline is the must active on airports

Yes, meant you could have tyem starting from their respective airports but both flying to the sames destination ( EGBB) ? Then you could see which was most popular, as well as keep a bit of realism. Just a suggestion :-)

I can take EGKK tower!

It could be




Whizz air is a big user of London Luton
Ryanair use Stansted
Norwegian are one of the main operators in Gatwick
Easyjet also use Luton


EZY are based with their HQ at Luton, though Gatwick is a larger base in terms of aircraft and route. Didn’t know that Wizz was based at Luton as well, could be interesting having four LoCo airlines flying from 3 different London airports all up to EGBB!

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Yes, wiz air use Luton quite a lot. The airports they mainly use in the uk are LPL DSA and LTN

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