Low atc coverage


It’s important to remember that the IFATC controllers who controller the skies on the Expert Server are a group of volunteers, therefore they will open when time and life allows them to do so. Additionally, whilst there is certainly peak times when more frequencies are open then others, most of the time there is always a group of airports with ATC coverage open across the server.

Feel free to apply for IFATC if you would like to assist in providing coverage on the Expert Server by following the steps in the topic linked below:

Additionally, you have a better chance of receiving ATC coverage at airports that are featured on the ATC Schedule which I’ve linked below also. Keep in mind, the airports listed on the schedule are suggestions for controllers and it doesn’t guarantee you ATC coverage but does increase your chances of receiving ATC on your arrival or departure. The ATC schedule for this month is linked below:

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!