Low and medium autobrakes

I know it’s a while since this feature came out but i still don’t know whether i should use medium or low autobrakes. Therefore i always use medium, but i feel like that’s not realistic.

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It depends on your runway and how fast you want to exit.

Typically I use the medium for short runways or arriving at a busy airport. I use low for long runways and desolate airports. There is no “unrealistic” use of these two with the options we have, do what you have to do.

Take a look at this tutorial made my Tyler:


Like mentioned by others, it depends on runway length. The way I do it is look at the runway length and runway exits and determine the best exit to exit at prior to landing. Exit smart, not “asap”. If you overbrake, you may spend more time taxiing at a slow speed to exit the runway

I use low most of the time. Sometimes you need a higher autobrake setting. As i found out landing at Key west.

I Would like if The auto brake settings were more specific to different aircraft like RTO 1,2,3,4 etc

MAX for takeoff
MED let’s say your runway is shorter than 2000m
LO let’s say your runway is longer than 2000m
MED your runway is contaminated (rain, snow, etc.)
OFF Touch & go / manual braking

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