Low altitude cloud layer(s)

Hello guys didn’t have found any topic about it but I think the same way IF has cloud layers over 20’000ft it would be cool to have the possibility to have them lower (like some of the metar info announces them : BRK SCT OVC CB etc…
Having them to be freely added, exactly like existant cloud layers are…

It could make pilots simulating these for better take off landing in clouds experience.

Example :

Layer 1 : Type |———-| Alt |————| CAVOK
Layer 2 : Type |——|—-| Alt |—|———| SCT FL80
Layer 3 : Type |———|-| Alt |——|——| OVC 11000ft


For now the developers will stick with 2D cirrus clouds (which came in 21.1) however it was mentioned in the Buildings and Clouds Q&A post that they will experiment with 3D versions in the future.

This topic is already a duplicate but the other one was closed as clouds have and will come in the future, I don’t think there is any need to make another 🙂

It is not technical a duplicate because this one is closed and I request a specific feature on cirrus cloud which deserve a topic imo.

And i never mentioned 3D clouds. 2D are really fine !

Oh yeah I know, I only mentioned it because why ask for more 2D versions if the 3D clouds are something that the devs will try out.

Although Tom refers to it as “fog” that to me would be the same idea ;)