Low altitude bug

when come img into land I hold an altitude at 6 or 4K depending on what airport I land at and it goes up and down continuesly sorry no screenshot it’s a bit hard to capture
IOS IPad mini 2
Discovered regon: Southern California

It could be turboulance

Could be I guess

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What’s your speed? That’s the most likely cause.

Are you using APPR?

also when you land your altitude is suppose to come down not held at 4/6 thousand,

And does it happen every time you try and land or is it just a one off?

Speed 170-240KTS no APPR

All aircrafts? Only certain ones? What are your flaps set at? What’s your weight? Are you looking at the altitude indicator, or the AGL altitude? All things that need to be known to help you accurately.

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