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Hi all, today marks my first day using this forum, and I apologise if I haven’t done something correctly, which I would be more than happy to change.
My problem is that whenever I fly on live during a Friday night event (which, most of of the time, is packed like 40+ planes) only about 5-10 aircraft fully load even though I’m running the airplane count setting on very high and some planes are no more than a couple taxi ways over, the other 10-20 are just white squares.
I’ve already found a topic that talked about this issue, however, they only experienced this problem when running low end device OR having a slow internet speed. In my case however, I’m running the iPad Pro 10.5 which has a huge GPU and 4GB of RAM, while I also have fibre optic internet giving me above 80 MB/s download and 10-20 upload, by theory, on my end there shouldn’t be a problem in loading in at least 20 aircraft, but the issue still remains.

This happens to me to, and I have the second gen iPad Pro 12.9 in with 512 GB of storage

Someone above could correct me if im wrong, but I believe this is just how IF is, i dont think ive been able to ever see more than 10-15 aircraft at a time with all my settings turned up.

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Same for me. Ever since global released.

I think IF attempts to limit how many aircraft show up on your screen. If 40+ aircraft show up, you device will 100% crash. No matter what type of phone.

I forgot to place a link to a video of what I was talking about:

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