Low aircraft texture quality in replay

On one of my replays, for some reason my aircraft texture is very low. And yes, my graphics are all on high/max and aircraft textures work perfectly fine on other replays. It is only effecting this replay

Device - iPad Pro 2021 - latest IOS version

I have also restarted the game, restarted the device, changed graphic settings, and cleared cache

What aircraft is it?

77F. However this has happened before on a few other replays and it can happen with any aircraft

OHHHHHHH its a replay.

I do so believe that they are downloaded with less quality, this is to save storage space. But can be fixed buy saving a screen shot with the photo mode in the replay.

That’s not the problem, it’s not the screenshot that makes it blurry, it’s blurry IN the replay. And all my other replays have the textures perfectly fine

Try restarting your device.

If not force restart or import the replay, delete and reinstall infinite flight and see if it works.

I have restarted my device, and re installing it just deletes the replay

Lol rip all your settings

Have you tried exporting and reimporting?


Check out Schyllberg’s response, this should help: Replay mode severely lowering quality of livery - #18 by schyllberg

I get what he says, but that is not the problem im experiencing. This is only happening on THIS replay

Maybe it only happens on this particular livery?

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