Loving the new update?

You guys just need to fly on full moon nights ;)

That’s a community effort, anyone is welcome to participate. We do not provide updates to airport/nav data on a monthly basis without app updates.


Haha! Those darn moonless nights!

Oh wonderful, thank you so much for the explanation, I didn’t know that! =)

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We have flat section in Alaska because the dataset we use (SRTM) doesn’t have anything above and below 60 degrees of latitude.

There are other datasets with those parts of the world, unfortunately, they come with the downside of having underwater elevation, which doesn’t make things easier since we need to find out where the oceans are and zero the elevation…

The bottom line is, for most features, if it’s not done yet, it’s either because it’s hard and there’s things that are not that obvious about it, or because we haven’t gotten to it. Often times the former.


You may have seen sometimes when you launch the app a “Downloading aviation data” showing during the splashscreen.


Totally appreciate your responses and explanations on why and why not things have not been done yet!

I have seen those “Downloading aviation data” at different points, thanks for clearning that up! =)

That’s what I mean by months … I’ve seen the online pictures and wondered if they really start all over again

Thank you for your honest reply.

The issue with the app store / play store rating system is that 5 stars doesn’t really allow for a lot of nuances. We know that IF is not perfect and we have shown by our frequent updates that we are moving forward. It might not be as fast as you might want but there are often good reasons for that (i have spent countless hours on this forum explaining the state of things in Infinite Flight).
Those 5 star rating systems are basically binary: 5 star is good, anything else is bad. If you rate us 4 stars currently, it will actually make us less visible and it will be harder for people to find us. This is the sad reality of the app stores.

To summarize, if you think we deserve 5 stars, by all mean rate and write us a great review. If you don’t, instead of rating and writing something negative, let us know here what we should improve on to earn it and we will do our very best to address your concern (please understand that we also have many users with very different needs and wants).


He’s right, some things are needs, and somethings are wants. Ex; CRJ rework - Need. Clouds- Wants

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I completely respect this! I hope my comments were not rude in anyway.

I think this is the best simulator out there with everything it brings. I dont know another phone/Computer simulator that has

  • Full staff team mostly 24/7
  • Forum that’s super active
  • Great Updates almost all the time
  • Hard working people
  • Caring people who volunteer such as moderators

I think if you dont like the pricing of the app or how much it cost like people write on the app store. I get that some people cant afford that because they are young or dont have lots of money right now. But if you look @Laura , @philippe , @schyllberg and the rest of staff on how hard they work I think you would understand. I appreciate every staff/moderators help ( @Chris_S is my favorite mod no offense) commitment and help to everyone and dealing with IF as well as real life it’s tough and I know it with my job. So I think I can speak for a lot of people on IFC!!! Thank You!!!
Keep on doing what your doing we appreciate it


CRJ isn’t necessarily a “need.” It’s totally subjective.


In section 5, what you say about clouds.

What would it take on a cell phone?
Lots of ram +4gb? Multicore power?

In the current day there are already mobile phones with 8 gb of ram and although not very important, but it gives you a way, with more than 260k points in Antutu.
However, they represent 1% of Android phones.

I share your amazing opinion!!
Maybe some people really don’t understand how hard the staff works to develop a game like these. Hopes for all of you, guys!!!

I love the app the only problem is that above the 60th degree parallel 3D terrain stops and is all flat. thats a shame because famous things like Mt McKinley and the Alaska range are all flat and do not provide the amazing views that the Alps or the Himalayas do. Other than that the app is absolutely amazing

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Otherwise what are you going to do for the next update

So many 1 Star ratings on the App Store… smh. Most of them are because of the price of the pro package. I can Have sympathy for a little bit of their pain, but holy cow! Overall, when you pay for the pro subscription, it’s so worth it! Especially if you’ve been flying this sim for years now and seen the improvement from year to year with the few developers they have. This app is definitely worth 5 stars on the App Store.


Left a 5 star rating 😃. IF is still in the top 10 paid games in the Indian App Store.


Thank you for your support!


Just updated my review! Loving every update 5 stars :)


IF has had my 5 stars since 2014, and with every update i update my review with new five fresh golden stars to show my support and appreciation :)