Loving the new update?

If I was just rating this past update, the MD11/DC10 update, and the global update, I would give the simulator five stars. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the rest of the simulator. The quality of the other aircraft in the simulator is below par for five stars. The physics for many of the aircraft are incorrect nearly to the point where they do not simulate the real aircraft at all. For example, in the 757 with enough fuel for a US transcon route, I need to keep the engines at 45% N1 to keep the aircraft from slowing to a stop without any brake pressure. In addition, the cockpits of many of the aircraft aren’t modeled or don’t have textures and animations. (With the exception of the a320, C130, and 787 family.) While I understand that many of these aircraft are old, they are in need of a rework to simulate them accurately. I also acknowledge that these reworks take time, and I will wait patiently until they happen. Until then, I believe that IF is not a 5 star simulator.

On the other hand, I believe that IF is fairly priced and I appreciate that. I also believe that the ATC system is quite good, except for when it glitches out. FDS has also created an awesome community here on the IFC.

Because I want FDS to have great success and improve Infinite Flight, I have decided to not leave a 4 star rating. However, as a customer, my ultimate loyalty is also to the customer, and believe they should be correctly informed of what they are buying, which is why I’m leaving this comment here.

I am looking forward to what FDS develops next and am also looking forward to the future and improvement of Infinite Flight.

-Dylan Bright


After seeing some of the horrible and unrealistic reviews on the App Store, people rating it 1 star because helicopters aren’t in it, I’ve decided to change my review to 5 stars.

While not perfect, this app is truly amazing and easily blows away all other mobile flight simulators. My previous review of 4 stars was weighing down the 4.1 average, and I didn’t like that.

To all the staff, devs, thank you for everything you’ve done for this app. As an Infinite Flight user since 2013, I’ve witnessed this app come a long way, and I’m proud to rate it 5 stars.


I think everyone should rate as he or she thinks it is right … Everyone has their own opinion I can not say “why did you rate it that way” and no one can say why I rated it that way … Nobody has a right to judge another … That should be clear wa is to say but is that there is this community and that everyone can talk to anyone openly about it … It may be that you are not satisfied with it but other people can also not damkt be satisfied with what you think is right …

Left a 5 star review. Ever since buying Infinite Flight back in July 2012 it has always been my go-to mobile FS. I also love how to company FDS is run. Thanks guys!

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Absolutely i love this update the group at FDS is doing an amazing job at producing new and amazing content i am loving it

Keep it up the work, and this is really a extreme good simulation. I could not wait the next major update going to be. I really love this app! So, 5 star for you!

This app is the most realistic flight game I’ve played I have given it Five stars. Love everything thanks all the staff’s.

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Expect a 5 star from me.Hope to see top paid flight simulator on The app store soon

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I don’t know why I haven’t gives this a rating in 6 years so I did it know. Obviously 5 stars! Thanks FDS for making this sim amazing!

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What new update is being referred to in this post? We haven’t had any updates in awhile.

This is referring to the 18.2 Update linked below that was released back in May… Thanks to the amazing Developer team, we’ve had many updates between then and now. If you would like to see an update for the 18.5 update, check out this topic from the Infinite Flight CEO, Laura. And if you haven’t already, go give IF a 5 star rating on your App Store!


I actually though this was for the new update woth the TMB and then i realized it wasnt :(

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Same. I think they should close the topic by now. It’s confused me several times


Im sure it will be closed soon although if new people haven’t they should defiantly leave a 5 star rating as it is worth it

It’s 10 th I believe on the play store I was so happy to see it there.

Make sure I will rate it 5 stars after every update

WHo thought also that the tbm was released? lmao

Every time this is commented on, it makes people think the update is released… including this post.

Hey mods, can you close this thread? I’m sure there will be 938394729383 threads about the new update when it comes out, this one needs to go to sleep.