Loving the new update?

Loving the new update? Please take a minute to rate us on Apple App Store and Google Play Store (you can rate each update). Anything other than 5 stars can really negatively affect the future of Infinite Flight so if we still haven’t earned your trust, let us know here instead so we get a chance to address any issue. We are happy to answer questions and concerns (if we haven’t already).

We worked really hard to bring you more cool updates at a breakneck pace (at least relative to the rest of the flight simulation industry), now it is time for you to make a difference and give Infinite Flight a chance to shine on your respective app store :)

Happy landings!


You can expect a lovely review on the AppStore. Keep up the amazing work, Philipe! 💪👊 👍

Opens AppStore and sees I have 15 updates.


Uh, duh, love the update!

Have already rated 5 stars but will update my review :)

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I did last year but if you said that we can do for every update I’ll do again with pleasure,you really deserve it!
Go ahead and full throttle!!

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I rated it and reviewed it 4 months ago 🤙🏻

I will give you guys a 5 star review no matter what!

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Come One Come All!

Get those reviews in fellow community members. We are a community of 47,000 plus users. Showing your support takes 30 seconds to a minute of your time in the AppStore and PlayStore!

Updated review sent for version 18.2. Thanks again for all your hardwork Infinite Flight Team!


Edit: We are a community of 47,000 plus users. Thanks @Chief305 ;)


Done. 5 stars! I’ve been amazed by IF since the minute I downloaded it and love the latest update. Can’t get enough of that new CRJ.


As Philippe mentioned, you can review after every update :)

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I believe you can rate for every update.


Thank you for your support! it means a lot.

If only 10% of our active forum members would rate 5 stars with each update, we would show up at the top of every top charts :)


Just a quick word about the “Developer Website” section of the info bit of the App Store. When clicking to visit the developer website, it directs to infinite-flight.com which is no longer supported and has outdated info. Perhaps linking the developer website to the forum would be a better idea?

EDIT: also, when clicking “Privacy Policy”, it redirects to a website which never loads.

Left 5 stars - well deserved!

We are in the process of updating the website


As if you thought I could give this game anything but 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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I think that should be in the thing at the top of everyone’s screen in bold, I never knew that!

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I haven’t rated any app before but after an update of this quality I can’t say not to leaving 5 stars and a very positive review!


Such an awesome update! Can’t wait for the other remaining airplanes. The CRJ is my all time favorite Regional airplane!


Thank you! this is very much appreciated. Seeing good reviews on the App Store and Play store makes our team happy :)


Absolutely amazing game. I immediately went to the app store and gave it an easy 5 stars (wish I could give it more) and wrote a big essay about why this is the best game ever. If people think Infinite Flight isn’t good enough then I don’t know what is. Thank you devs for creating such an amazing game!

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