Lovely long haul with the 747-Sofia

As soon as the amazing launch of Dragon took off from Cape canaveral I was really wanting do a special flight as soon as possible so I did a flight I would remember for many years to come.
Route - KXMR to SBKP
Aircraft - B747-Sofia
Flight time - 8hrs 1 mins
Sever - Expert Sever


Nice picturesđź‘Ť One of the most under used planes out there, great looking flight

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Hey! I didn’t know you could open up the astronomy thingy in the plane! Congratulations… You’ve given me incentive to fly

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Thank you, I recommend you flying it is just amazing @Liam06 and @David_Driggers

Ahhh I wish I could, my sub just ended. Well, I’ll just wait for a couple months then get it again. Can’t wait to fly it though

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