Lovely flight from Athens to Stansted

I flew an absolutely great flight from Athens to London Stansted today. It was in a Jet2 B737 - 800, a livery which I oddly love. Flying in and out of Greece is one of my favourite things to do. A country which is very close to my heart and has some of the best mountain ranges, coastlines and islands I have ever flown over. The departure out of Athens was brilliant and I had a great night time landing into Stansted.

The first photos were just at the top of my climb, some great views of the coastline and mountains. The next wingview was during cruise, showcasing the wester Greek coastline and islands.

Flight info:
Expert server, Jet2 Boeing 737 - 800, Flight time 3hrs 34 mins


Great pics! Hope the flight was great!:D

Thanks mate! The flight was awesome, flying out of Greece is unbelievable to me. Also, sorry the photos are a bit blurry, I took them in 4k but I guess they didn’t process very well! :)

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It’s ok! Yeah I kinda experience this too!:)😂😅 Yeah I love flying out of Greece! It’s amazing 😍

Glad you enjoy Greece too! One of my favourite places

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I’ve been there! Santorini!🇬🇷

Your first and last photo aren’t allowed

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Ah yes he’s right! I got told off once!

Me too, I’ve been twice, I really want to go to santorini soon, but both times I’ve been have been to Heraklion, Crete

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You should take pics in the replay mode but in game it’s not allowed!

Ah nice! I really want to go to Heraklion!

Oh yeah, sorry, some photos aren’t in replay. Should I delete them?


Delete them and redo them 2 again!:) Don’t worry we’re just letting you know that it shouldn’t be like this!:) I have done this mistake too before!😅

Ok, thanks, silly mistake from me haha

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It’s fine don’t worry about it!:)

Great photos!

Happy New Year
~ Ben

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Happy new year Ben!

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read this before posting the next time:

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Good point there!

Yeah, I had read that, I guess I forgot when posting this, silly mistake :)

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