Love this game!

I pay $10 each month for this game just to meet people who take this game to some delusional realistic level, come on people take it down a notch is no real world neither a real simulator to be honest, I won’t be paying $10 to wait a week or more to get into “Expert” level, real developers should take this seriously and stop ATC being so


But we all have to take responsibility for our own actions.


I am sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. Based on your topic, you were flying on the Expert Server and received a level three violation.

If this was the case, and you feel that it was issued unwarrantedly, I would suggest contacting the controller and/or the appeals group. The controller’s IFC name can be found in your replay by entering the States log. It can also be found in your logbook.

On that note, IFATC, also known as Expert Server ATC, is meant to enforce the rules. This is specifically outlined when you spawn in. You are expected to follow instructions.

If you choose to appeal your report, please be respectful.

Thanks, and good luck!


Is this irony?


I understand you may be frustrated but this is no way to get your point across. If you have a legitimate issue this can be addressed using the support, PM, or email methods to provide 1 on 1 support.