Love the Update!!!

This update is incredible! I cannot Believe the graphics that are on this update. The detail of flying at 32,000 plus thousand feet are like actually flying. The new upgrades like the Nav selection are user friendly and makes the flight easier to read.
mye6BE is a wonderful app that does all the calculations for you. Like ascent and descent; this app builds in any and all calculations for you. I have always found it a problem to do descent from point A to point B. myE6B is $9 and really worth it. So keep flying my friends and enjoy the view.


Great to hear you also love the Update! But maybe you wouldn’t mind writing it under this topic:


Ok… uh where you been? Update has been out for almost a month!


We really appreciate the kind words! It was a pleasure to assist you in support and get your account up and running so you can enjoy the world. Be sure to share your screenshots and we sure would appreciate a review if you have the time.

Happy flying!


I know this should be in the Every Review Counts but, amazing job FDS! 👏👏 Two Claps For You
And may all the FDS team enjoy a vacation (hopefully in Hawaii, the best vacation spot in the world)

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My apologies for not putting it under the right Topic. Sorry about this unfortunate mistake. I will be more than diligent to check the right topic next time.

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