Love is in the Air

He got a scenic view


This has got to be one of the prettiest Liveries I’ve seen on IF!

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Love IS LITTERALLY in the air

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Am I the only one who knows where this is 🥲

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Love is truly in the air

Where is it, let’s see your geographical skills

RIP the IRL More To Love livery

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@Nicholas777 It’s Mt. Hood, right outside of Portland


I was gonna say Mt Rainer but that looks different in IF. I guess you’re right.

You won the National Geographic whatever tournament it is.

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May help that I’m from…

As a proud rival of Oregon, I can confirm this mountain is in Oregon 🫡.

By the way, what’s it like not having a mountain over 12,000 feet in your state 😈?

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Is that a compliment!