Love Is In The Air - A Series

Hello, IFC!

Today is a very special day for France. If you didn’t know, today marks the 200 years since France found out they’re no longer a world power.

Go France!

National French “Oh” Day - Wikipedia

To celebrate this important date, here are my best shots of recent Air France flights.

Air France 777 being lost over the alps on Casual

Takeoff from LFHU - Casual

LFPG - LSZH on Expert

Arrival into LFPG - Solo

A350 over Kenya - CS

Scenic mode but without using scenic mode - Solo

777-300ER arrival into the Caribbean

Thank you!



F doesn’t stand for France this time…


i did not know this was a special day!

Here’s ours!

National Republic Day - Wikipedia

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That last photo though. Perfection!!

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How could you do this to me?

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the first and last pics are… 😘👌🏼 as you would do if you’re french 🤣

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