Love for Princess Juliana Airport @ TNCM - 081600ZSEP17

Server: Expert server

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TNCM

Time: 1600Z friday 8 September

NOTAM: Bring anyplane you want and lets show this airport some love after hurricane Irma has mostly destroyed it


Ps: if someone can do the title correctly because i forgot how to🙂

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I will try coming along, is a great airport and a shame it has been destroyed by horrifying disasters.


Hello! I’ve corrected the title for you. For future guidance, following these guidelines may be helpful -

Thanks :)


The general idea seems a tad bit confusing. Are we doing a group flight? Patterns? Filling the airport? Just flying randomly to TNCM? Maybe you could be a bit clearer on that.


Unfortunately TNCM was destroyed by the storm…


Lets do patterns! Or fill the airport


Can i join please! 💙💙💙💙💙

Everyone can join a event at live:)
I will come in a KLM 767.

I will be there hopefully in my a318 however if the weather is still bad I will bring something larger. Maybe a 777

Common there is a time and a place for jokes…

Really? Completely gone? That’s a shame.

By the way, I’m in. Let’s give TNCM the love it deserves before we let it go.

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I wasn’t joking about it.

It was pretty much destroyed. It’s very sad.

Well Hurricane Jose is headed straight for it, and it’s a Category 3. That might just do it in.

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