Love At First Flight

Love At First Flight!

My new journey with PRVA.

Hey everyone! Welcome to another S&V topic! Today, I show off a few pictures from my first flight with @PhilippineAirlinesVA otherwise known as PRVA.

On this flight, I had the delight of the accompaniment of three awesome pilots; @Andy_R, the CEO, @HappyDays, a fellow pilot and LOTV CEO, and @Rashya_Keitaro, a wonderful pilot.

Anyways, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Flight Details

Flight Time: 1.54 hours
Aircraft: A321
Server: Expert

Pushback out of Manila.

That shine on Andy’s plane tho.

Takeoff, let’s get outta here!

Oh look, @HappyDays is lurking just around the corner…

Landing amongst the sunset.

Had to go around, no ILS is just a bad mood…

That’s all from me! Thanks for viewing and feel free to:

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Which shot was your favorite?
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Have a great day everyone,


A like on this would make my day!


Amazing shots Ahmed!

-400FPM landing I did on that flight 😏


@Aviation108 there’s a new Sheriff in town. 😏

Fantastic photos; lookin good!


Thank you!

Yeah haha, I saved myself from a -1000 landing via a go around!

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@Aviation108 This town isn’t big enough for the both of us… 😏

Thank you so much @Captain_Cign!

Ok, cool. Then you’d better start packing up your stuff 🤪

Nice shots!


Awesome photos, absolutely awesome!

Absolutely stunning shots! Thanks for the share :D

Great work there! Love the screenshots!

These are awesome. I love the sunset shot,
that couldn’t have been any better!!

i thought about the a380 first lol.

love those beautiful pictures! keep it up!

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Wow, amazing shots @fly.akm! The Staff team at PRVA and I are very happy to have you, @HappyDays @Rashya_Keitaro! ❤️

Philippine Airlines Virtual
CEO & Founder


Who said I was going down without a fight? 🤨

Thank you though! 😂

I appreciate the kind words!

Thank you! I’ll make sure to make these S&V more often.

Thank you Josh!

I can’t agree more.

Thank you!

Thank you PRVA!

I’m sure they’d be happy to have any more new pilots.

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