Louverture.EU’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Currently active at MMGL!

Currently active at TNCM!

Hey! I understand you being active and all but it is really hard to do patterns at TNCM, it also gets busy and others can’t focus on your actual commands, because well, training server is training server. I would suggest an airport with 2 parallel runways like GCLP or KPSP.

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Thank you for your information ;-). However, the choice of airport is due low operations. I am already familiar with having to control at an airport with 2 parallel runways.

I have been today already at those kinds of runways, but sadly at that time there were no traffic in- or outbound. Controlling at TNCM, which is a bravo space, would be quite interesting to work on my “Back taxi” command ^^!!

Either way, thanks for the information!

Currently open in the lovely Düsseldorf, DE

Still active at this lovely airport. Current weather (winds) is 10kt at 090 degrees. So I’d advise to select non-GA (and light weighted aircrafts)!

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Currently open in the lovely Fort Lauderdale, US

First off, thanks for the service. Just a couple minor things I noticed.

When I was turning downwind, Volaris 657 announced inbound from 20+ miles away. You sequenced me number 2 making me fly the entire leg when I should have been sequenced ahead of him. Not a big issue but improves the efficiency of traffic flow.

The second was just the slow “exit runway” command. I had already exited and stopped when I received it.

Thanks again and good luck on the road to joining us on IFATC!


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Thanks for doing some patternworks! Thanks for your feedback and hoping to see you the next time :-)!

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Currently open in the lovely Warschau, PL

I’ll stop by!

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Ok, just 2 things.

  1. Your response times could have been a little bit quicker, I know it isn’t the biggest priority with only one aircraft to deal with, but when there are a lot more aircraft in the pattern, you have to be fast.

  2. My exit command was pretty late, I got more of a GA exit command, even though I’m in the DH8D the exit command should still be at around 60-70 knots.

Other than those 2 little things you did a very good job!

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Currently open in the Fort Lauderdale, US

Currently open in the Fort Farwaniya, KW

Good job today, When I was taxing out that Qatar lander exited really early that caused the head on issue I was already on the taxiway when you called my hold position so I just 180ed back to the ramp. The airborne commands were good. Keep up the great work.

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Yes, I was a little bit too slow and was caught off guard that the aircraft stopped that fast… Should’ve used the 180 command! Anyway, thank you very much of flying by!

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LOL, I can’t edit my title anymore. Currently active at SBSP!

Great controlling, I was N428OP. Pattern instructions were flawless. Only 2 minor comments. 1) transition was given for 5500 and airfield is 2640, that’s a little high if the jet pattern is 4140ft but does provide a safe buffer to prevent conflicts. Exit instruction was a little late on the roll out so try to be a little more proactive if you clear an option and the aircraft is rolling to a stop.

Keep up the training!