Louverture.EU’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

This looks interesting, therefore opening an thread. Going to start with my IFATC process…


How many operations do you have

Currently active at PAED!

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Can I stop by?

Of course you can! However, just relocated to MMMD :-)! Bring your friends too if you want to!


MMMD has an airport restrition; no aircrafts bigger than a 737 can fly there! Thanks for your support and understanding

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Doesn’t work. You can just @ the people who are interested.

Currently active at KFLL!

Currently 288 operations 🤩.

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Currently active at PAED!

I’ll stop by

I’ll be there but not for too long

So a few issues today;

  • You set me up on a collision course with a TBM and then sent me around at 400 when you had many opportunities to do so earlier.

  • You didn’t call a traffic alert when I basically hit the same TBM climbing on the GA.

  • You put an A330 and a TBM on one small runway which was almost too small for the airplane, and you put one tbm by themselves on the large runway.

Anyways, good work on the transition altitude!

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Couple things;

  • Great work on anticipating runway crossing
  • great work paying attention to aircraft type on ground whether pushback or taxi.
  • instructions were timed well with exception to taking off nearly colliding with the a330
  • great work with sequencing! I’ll be opening PDX shortly if you would like to observe great work.
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I knew one of you would had to do a Go Around. I requested the TBM to turn base, but the pilot took longer than I anticipated.

True, I should’ve said to you to extend upwind.

Of course, hahaha. I didn’t gave you RWY 24 cause then everybody would have be using only RWY 24, so that’s why I let you go to RWY 32…

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Currently active at KBOI!

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I’ll be there in a click.

Could you control lukla some time?

Please edit your post to say closed if not controlling

Lukla is by far the last airport you want to be controlling on an ATC tracking thread. You can’t do any pattern work as the terrain won’t allow it and it will not help him improve at all. Ideal airports are ones with intersecting or parallel runways, that aren’t major hubs and won’t get trolls.


Due corona virus, I will probably stay the whole day open at GMMN