Not sure what category this belongs in but seems like the rules for getting the lounge back have changed. I’m constantly in here and reading and liking but still can’t get the badge or ability please explain

Maybe you got flagged?


Haven’t had any notifications of being flagged in a long time

Maybs u just haven’t been liking and reading and replying enough. I recently lost my regular badge as well.


Have you posted at least once a day?

Yes I usually reply to post once a day. Oh well not worthy enough for it

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As many other people have said, to be a regular you can’t have more than 3 flags. Could be the reason, if not, the only other reason I can think of is to be more active and reply to more posts in a day, maybe even make a topics (good ones). Hope you get your regular back soon!


I think it may not be enough. Try to read posts, send some replies more again and come here more often . So you will earn more likes and also, don’t forget to give some likes too. And you will gain it without you know it 😉

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lol I like and get likes. I got one pic that has almost 25 likes in the best IF photos


I think the problem here must be either not enough reading posts or leaving replies. But don’t worry, You’ll get there soon if you can post more comments and replies with good manner ❤


Well I got 13 days til my wedding so after that for 8 days I will be silent as I’ll be on vacation