Louisville to St. Louis

This morning, I was rushed to make a video. I had 45 minutes to do one flight. I clicked random flight on flightaware.com so many times that my internet history would have been 1/16 full of flights from that day. Finally I found one of my liking. UPS (5X) flight 672, from Louisville, Kentucky to St. Louis Lambert, Missouri (KSDF-KSTL). This flight was done on Training, as I had 5 violations from a week ago today. By far my best video, edited in under 2 hours, this is an early-morning timelapse of United Parcel Service flight 672 from Louisville Mohammad Ali Int’l Airport to St. Louis Lambert on the UPS A330-200F. Enjoy!


Thanks for stopping by! Nice to see SDF getting some traffic

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Aye, I have never flown to either of these airports before.

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Why don’t I see more ups a330s

Because they never existed, this is an alternative to the UPS A306 and A310.

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Oh loool 👍

Well, I can say that I am working on the next video and will have it ready by Friday. I have a new audio source, instead of screen recording TheFatRat’s music, I will use his website, the-arcadium.net, and download his music from there.