Louisville airport to be renamed after Muhammad Ali

So I just read this article that Louisville International Airport is going to be renamed afte Muhammad Ali

Here is the link.
What are your thoughts?


I personally think that it fits well considering that Muhammad Ali lives there and is the goat 🐐

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Yes, he is the GOAT, he deserves highways, airports, buildings, and rivers named after him, he has left a great impact on this world, he is an inspiration to mankind, this is a very respectable move by Louisville. 305 supports it.


I think this is pretty interesting. While I never really knew about Muhammad Ali, I think he deserves it.

I wonder what @Delta319 thinks…


120 percent agree I feel like after he died he gets under looked as an athlete

Ali is from here (Louisville) keep in mind. Wasn’t really expecting this but nice name choice by LRAD


Being a boxer as well, it is wonderful to see the greatest have an airport named after him!

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