Louis Investigation- Tigerair's "new" 737's

Thought I might do some investigative work on Tigerair’s “new” 737’s
In July it was reported by the Australian avation magazine that Tigerair had decided to replace all A320 aircraft with 737-800 aircraft which can be found about here https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/tigerair-australia-fleet-refresh/. However in 2015 before all of this news they claimed quote they where using “our new Boeing 737 aircraft” for Australia to Bali routes. So I had a look to find out about these “new” 737 aircraft. After doing a lot of research on this I found that these “new” aircraft aren’t new at all in fact quite old, averaging 12.6 years old in fact that’s almost double the age of Virgin Australia’s 737-800 fleet, in fact Tiger’s oldest 737 is almost 13 years old. The 737-800 where transferred to Tiger from Virgin and they must have picked their oldest aircraft out for the transfer to Tiger hoping people would think they were traveling on new aircraft. It’s probably not that big of a deal but thought I might try and do a thread that gives some insight into anyone who is interested :)


Yeah, but they can easily get around that by refurbing some of them to make them look fresh and they’ll claim that they are “new” to them - so technically Tigerair can say that, but we are perceiving “new” as being brand new and not new to the airline.


It’s about perceptions of the word “new”

I don’t trust Tiger with their marketing, and never will. Never flown them. It’s a little sad that Virgin owns them and aren’t doing all the right things.

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