Louder Touchdown sound in HUD/Cockpit

I noticed the sound of touchdown in IF is almost impossible to hear at lower volumes/not really noticeable.

This video at 14:13

shows just how loud, and strong a normal landing is from the flight deck, this would add in as one of those things that make it seem so much more real, even as a small change.


Sounds good, it would be awesome to have a louder touchdown sound :)

It’d be great if the aircraft shook as well

The C208 has a fairly realistic touchdown / taxi sound. I love that feature and would like to see it implemented for all aircraft.

Probably hard to do for the devs to get accurate sound files for such, but still would be cool!


We do need this feature for the sake of Mother Reality. Hey, now there’s another “Mother _________”!

This would be more realistic, along with rattling sounds when you are taxiing as well. For some reason I can’t find the topic about that.


Take offs too ^_^ because it’s way louder

Plug in your earplugs and turn the volume all the way up, and see if you want it louder still… ;)

Nice idea! Would be nice to increase the touch volume!

This would be awesome. I would love an update for sounds at some point 🙂


I mean like it’s not recorded or the SFX is well because it’s off… Kinda but I was expecting a answer like this lol

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