Loud and Proud Night Training with the 104th FW

Welcome to a collection of pictures I took at Westfield Barnes Regional Airport, conveniently located in Westfield Massachusetts. The 104th Fighter Wing is a unit that has been flying since 1956 and is in charge of protecting all of the northeast sector of the United States. The 104th operates both F15C/D Eagles, unfortunately on that night the one D model they own was not flying. Pictures below:

SLAM1 Returning from day training over Cape Cod, luckily I was able to show up early enough to see these guys return. (REG: 85-0101)

Fast forward three hours…

Callsign: ???
Departing KBAF for a night flight of 2. (REG: 86-0168)

Callsign: ???
Departing KBAF for another flight of 2 (REG: 85-0111)

Callsign: ???
Last jet of the day departing KBAF for a flight of 1 due to another jet having mechanical issues earlier in the day. (REG: 80-0004)

Which one was your favorite?

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If anyone would like to know any camera information or anything I forgot to include please reply down below and there is a preetttyyyyy good chance I can answer it. Thanks for reading!


That afterburner 🤤

Amazing pics

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The burner was amazing! I still don’t know if I got all my hearing back but it was worth it, thanks!

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