Lots of shots. N/A-N/A

For the last while, I’ve been posting something in the screenshots and video category every day from the previous nights long haul. Last night, I tried to fly from KLAX-EGLL in the American MD-11. However, my dear mother decided to wake me up at 7:30, a good 2 hours before I could even begin descending. So I have the genius idea to post a bunch of different shots from random flight. Gosh I hope this is legal🤞 *

Server: expert,solo. Flight time: N/A, Route: N/A

From the inside of that MD-11’s rear engine.

A delta 767 half a second away from landing at Chicago O’Hare.

An air Canada 787 flying from Vancouver to Casablanca. I made a topic for that one, go check it out if you want to.

A Lufthansa 747-8 approaching the coast of Tunisia, heading south towards Jo’Burg in South Africa

The same Lufthansa 747-8, now above the democratic republic of the Congo in central Africa.

A little XCub, approaching some place I’ve never heard of before😎

A SAS A330 high above Montana.

I’m going to do a long haul tonight. What should I do?

  • KLAX-EGLL(In that md-11😏)
  • Something else(leave it below)
  • Fly patterns above Hong Kong for 10 hours…

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Have a nice day, night, morning, afternoon, or whatever time it is where you are


Dang, those costume views 😍

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Thanks, they are my favorites

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Have already seen a few of these around, but just a reminder to keep up the good work, they look great!

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Thanks @Shane, glad you’ve consistently liked them. Fun fact, you have actually only seen the SAS A330. I have threads for other ones, but I took those photos specifically for this one😏

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Oh wow, they looked familiar, and I know I’ve definitely seen the XCub one before as well, either way, you’re still killing it!

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Thanks for the kind words @Shane I appreciate your support. And I though you were a regular. Am I crazy or what happened?

I wish lol, you’re probably thinking of @lucaviness who recently got promoted. :)

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Lol I guess I am crazy then…

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