Lots of people lining up wrong at KSAN

Usually when I go on Live, I like to fly out of San Diego International (I live there), and I see a huge line of planes lining up in the wrong spot at runway 27. You’re usually supposed to go all the way down to the very end, and make the sharp hairpin to line up on the runway properly. If you have a large (heavy) aircraft, you’d cross the runway, and line up on the north side of the runway. I get that that’d cause lots of problems for ATC, but at least que up in the proper area, and not 1/3 down the runway. It’s a sight that I see way too many times every day, and one that I hope people can start to fix!

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making intersection takeoffs will allow the controller to get traffic out of the airport quicker. It’s not always bad and intersections takeoffs are not unusual (here in ZRH for example). But you’re the expert living in SAN so who am I to judge :D


i don’t mind using RNWY27…since that would point me in the general direction of most of the traffic and get to KNUC,KLAX a little bit faster

It could be:

  1. You always log on at a time where there are consistent winds and it just happens to be a coincidence

  2. There could actually be consistent bad wind conditions for that runway and therefore you rarely find good weather.

Just a thought.