Lots of people landing on 25R at LAX

It is so annoying to get People to not land on runway 25R there is already like 7 people waiting for takeoff and it does not help for people to be landing this is a message to the people who always land on 25R so if you normally land on 25R at training server just to let you know that from an ATC Perspective it is honestly really annoying. PS: I do ATC operations a lot at LAX on training server.


Who is the controller?


I know it. I really know it. It’s annoying as can be.

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Me the controller is me


I know right it is super annoying


Well who is on ground - tell them to change runway

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lol 5 seconds in the topic I have 5 replies already

They do not listen

Still who is it

As you mentioned this is on training server and to be honest KLAX is one of the worst airports to control at, if you’re looking for people to follow your instructions on the training server.

If you future goal is to become IFATC, I strongly recommend creating an ATC Tracking Thread and opening up at quieter airports across the globe. In an ATC Tracking Thread people can fly patterns for you and provide you with feedback and areas for improvement.

It is training server and you will come across some people that might not know what the ATC instructions mean, or people that just ignore them… especially at larger airports such as KLAX and EGLL.


I do not get what are you saying.

25R is the most common, and convenient runway at LAX on TS1. People use it because its close to the gate, and because they like to show of their horrible landings jk. I don’t think that will ever change.

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Alright Thanks I was just sending a message. ps: It is getting better now like 75 percent of people land On 25L.

😔 It’s the training server unfortunately and that’s what people do. It’s a shame really. I would create ATC Tracking Thread so community members will come to the airports you open, we know our stuff and can help you out in the future! Maybe event wanting to control on expert? Check the thread below to get you started with it I know it’s annoying but the Traning server is for learning so people are new and don’t know how to help the controller. Don’t give up controlling! Hope to see you with a tracking thread and maybe on Expert? Good luck!



Yeah I use it only 1 percent of the time to show my butter landing ps: I can actually butter

Yeah no worries mate. If you do plan on becoming IFATC on the Expert Server in the future then creating a tracking thread would be the way to go.

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I am going to be and IFATC Controller I have 4,000 + operations. PS: In the future.

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In real life, doesn’t KLAX mostly use 24R? I think people just go to 25R because it is the closest to the terminal.

They us 24R and 25L mostly 25L for Heavy Aircraft and 24R for Smaller aircraft E.G 737, A320

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Yeah no worries, I’m an IFATC Trainer and I strongly recommend starting a ATC Tracking Thread if you haven’t already, as that’s where most IFATC recruits start off from.

If you have any questions in regards to creating your own tracking thread, don’t hesitate to send me a PM, and I’ll happily help you out.

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