Lots of people don't listen to the ATC

I have noticed that more and more people just disobey the ATC
They take off when someone is landing or pushes in front of you when taxiing or landing
I think Flying Development Studio LLC should do something about this
It’s very annoying when LOTS of people do it
Just doesn’t feel like a simulator 😩

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Yeah! I Know right

Simply pilots need to learn where report button is


There is a report button???
What does it do though?

Fly in Advanced where the deal is real. people follows ATC, no troll and all just like real world

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If you and 2 pilots press this button “bad” pilot will be banned for 60 minutes

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Omg! where is the button?

Yes, I have tried, Things are hard in advanced servers

Unfortunately that’s how it is on the playground at the moment. Just learn how things work and get enough flight time to fly on the adv server. It makes it much more fun and real (: