Lots of new stuff! (SFO spotting)

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is a great one! San Francisco recently welcomed new aircraft and returning airlines for the summer season. (4/6/2024)

First up! A plane I have not caught since November! Cathay’s gorgeous A350-900. I still wish they can bring their A350-1000.

The classic Emirates A380!

Porter’s gorgeous Embraer E2! I really hope this route stays. I hope it doesn’t end up a fail like Norse with Gatwick.

Fiji’s beautiful A350! I absolutely adore this livery. A lil United MAX 8 departing off of runway 1R in the background.

I have been manifesting this very plane coming to SFO for about 2 years now. I was very disappointed when they only brought the A330. Iberia is finally starting service with the A350 at SFO!

No idea why this Frontier A320neo was extending its gear so late.

Alaska’s UNCF livery coming from Puerto Vallarta. Speaking of Alaska liveries, the “honoring those who serve” livery was just spotted coming on the 737 MAX. I need to catch the NG before (I’m assuming) it gets removed.

1 of the TWO Turkish A350’s I spotted this day! really glad that Turkish finally brought these beauties back.

Qantas’s 787 flying “above” the San Francisco skyline. Really beautiful weather! Usually the fog is so bad in San Francisco that it is not possible to see the skyline.

I have been waiting for this day for so long. KLM has FINALLY started 777-300ER service to SFO. On Friday, Flightradar24 showed the Orange Pride livery! It got switched last minute. I am kind of salty about that. But hey, there will be another chance.

What was your favorite shot?

  • 1 (Cathay Pacific A359)
  • 2 (Emirates A388)
  • 3 (Porter E295)
  • 4 (Fiji Airways A359)
  • 5 (Iberia A359)
  • 6 (Frontier A20N)
  • 7 (Alaska B739 [UNCF livery])
  • 8 (Turkish A359)
  • 9 (Qantas B789)
  • 10 (KLM B77W)
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Love that Qantas B789 shot, very pretty


thank you!

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Great shots! Love the Qantas Dreamliner over the skyline. Nice work!


thanks! appreciate the feedback!

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Very good quality shots! Is the skyline shot from Coyote Point?

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not quite. its kind of an interesting spot that i tried for the first time. take a look here:


First off, awesome photos!

Regarding location, what did you think? In-person, to me this area feels a bit closer to the aircraft.

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You might try that little pull off area before the road curves right onto Old Bayshore Hwy too. Could offer some decent angles if it’s a clear day.

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oooo! maybe i will next time!

it is. much easier to get clear shots without heat waves.

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