Lots of lag and connection problems

VPN’s are sometimes the problem. I met some people on the forum that had a VPN and they couldn’t connect to Infinite Flight. Once they turned it off however, the issue was fixed.

If you have a VPN, disable it while using Infinte Flight

I don’t have any VPNs on

What device are you using? If it is lagging a lot even though you have a good interent connection, it might not have the requirements to run Infinite Flight.

I use an iPhone 6s

Hmm, that phone should be able to run Infinite Flight smoothy.

Did you try to restart Infinite Flight, and maybe even the router. Also, if necessary delete and reinstall Infinite Flight

Did you try yet?

I did an uninstall reinstall but all my replays are gone

But did it fix the lag?

No, but I hope I can get my replays back

Sadly you wont be seeing them any time soon. This is because the replays are not saved on your storage unless you manually export them.

There is no way to restore the replays after uninstalling and reinstalling. The replays are stored on your device as part of the app files and are removed in the uninstall process.

Interesting issue, I would try turning down the graphics on your device, or try to clear the cache.

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