Lots of lag and connection problems

I have been having connection problems lately. When I use WiFi, the app starts out as normal but after 10 minutes becomes very laggy. When using cellular, I often have trouble connecting to the live server and the app frequently crashes. What are the best ways to stop lag on my device? I have an iPhone 6s

Hey please try these suggestions

Switch off WiFi router and wait for 5 mins

Turn back on and leave for 60 secs

If it doesn’t work please contact support

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Hey for the lag issues try to lower your graphic settings

What settings are you referring to please be specific @Matevz_Treven

Yup thanks edited it

Thanks. I tried resetting my router in the past, but it doesn’t work. Also when using the TBM, I get nothing but problems. The app has crashes all the time when using it.

No problem 😉

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If you have a limited data plan, it could cause slower cellular speeds, and same with WIFI, if you have a slower internet plan.

If you think it’s your device’s problem, I recommend these steps:

  • Remove unnecessary apps that you do not use frequently.
  • Try to clean up your storage.

Also, how much storage do you currently have left on your device?

The iPhone 6s is still quite a powerful phone, so if it happens to lag, I recommend lowering down your graphic settings.

Oh ok maybe it’s just the WiFi router age or you need to get the latest WiFi router

If I have to many replays will that cause problems? Should I delete some?

Replays tend to not cause storage issues, since most replays are smaller files thanks to FDS optimizing it to help devices with less storage.

Also what time are you playing at peak times everyone is logged on and starting to use up all the systems so if you’re playing early morning or late night it could help

One strange thing that happened just started about a week ago is when at my house, my phone says I have 3 out of 4 bars of service, but I get zero internet, in the past my data has worked well, and I don’t live in an area with limited cell coverage. I contacted my carrier, and they don’t know what was going on, and I even got my SIM card replaced but nothing got fixed, they even had said my family and I were on an unlimited plan.

Well if your WiFi is playing up I suggest calling up the WiFi company

The connection issues are not an Infinite Flight issue, as it solely has to do with his internet provider.

@Boeing797, the only thing I could recommend is to contact your internet provider about your connection issues.

I edited my post

Thanks, I’ll try contacting my ISP.

I also have a few questions, will lovering the rendering and texture quality reduce lag? Under rendering quality there are the options for best, good, fast, and ludicrous. What do those do? I noticed the fast texture gives the plane a slightly white color to it.

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I have a spare iPhone 6s which I use. I recommend setting render quality to good, turning anti aliasing off, limit FPS on and keeping the live aircraft count to low. I never get any lag on long hauls with these settings.

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My WiFi has been working fine, internet works, my WiFi is pretty fast, the only thing that doesn’t work is infinite flight. WiFi makes it very laggy but it works for everything else. I don’t know what’s going on. I turned off anti aliasing, turned down my graphics and put airplane count on low, but that doesn’t help. The ISP says the WiFi works fine and IF is the only thing that’s having problems.

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