Lots of Heavies At KORD!

Yesterday, I uploaded my “byte-sized” spotting trip. I went over to my original spot and took some great photos!

United B772 Registration: N217UA

Spirit Airlines A321 Registration: N674NK

Royal Jordanian B788 Registration: JY-BAF

Qatar B77W Registration: A7-BEN

Norwegian Air + British Airways (Freddie Laker Livery) B789 Registration: G-CKNZ

Etihad B77W Registration: A6-ETH

Emirates B77W Registration: A6-EQC

British Airways B744 Registration: G-GYBA

Air India B77W Registration: VT-ALN
Note: Diverted to Vienna from Delhi, proceeded to ORD

Aer Lingus A333 Registration: EI-FNG

I had two more photos I wanted to share, but due to the ten-image limit, I couldn’t, the photos were a United B763 Reg: N664UA and an Air Choice One C208 Reg: N803F The 767 was especially cool as it had a lot of wear-and-tear, including some missing paint :p

Anywho, please be sure to vote for your favorite one! Mine is a tie between Qatar and the Emirates, but I would have to say Qatar.

  • Photo One (United 777)
  • Photo Two (Spirit A321)
  • Photo Three (Royal Jordanian 787)
  • Photo Four (Qatar 777)
  • Photo Five (Norwegian 787)
  • Photo Six (Etihad 777)
  • Photo Seven (Emirates 777)
  • Photo Eight (British Airways 747)
  • Photo Nine (Air India 777)
  • Photo Ten (Aer Lingus A330)

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Gear, Location, and Boring Stuff

Location was at the Schiller Park Metra Station,
I used my Nikon D5600 with a Nikkor 70-300mm lens and a UV filter along with that. I used Flightradar24 on my iPhone 7+ and tuned into KORD clearance on LiveATC.net. It was 43* Farenheight with a 6* windchill. Really sunny day for Chicago, which was a nice bonus. Edited in Lightroom CC 2019 and misc. markups in Photoshop CC 2016-17


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Nice pictures but the watermark is not placed in an optimal location for viewing pleasure.


beautiful photos, and very good picture quality


Amazing photos!


I am in love with your pictures! 👌😊 however I suggest that you keep the ‘bit’ either on the left or right bottom/top corner as it spoils the picture:
Here is an example:

  • The Emirates
  • Aer Lingus

Many thanks

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Really nice photos @1Bit!
I’ve seen Air India VT-ALN at VABB :)

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Nice! I.like the British Airways 747 more

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Very sharp photos and good edits.

One thing I’d be careful of is halos. You can see this in the BA 744 (behind the wing) and the Etihad (around the gear). Not really an issue though and it doesn’t detract from the quality of these photos.

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