Lots Of Aircraft Requests, And Here Is The Result.

G’day all, I always hear people say “I hope every aircraft ever build gets put into Infinite Flight” but let me tell you something, that’s a big ask and will cost FDS hundreds of thousands of dollars. I went to the FAA website and found a list of aircraft and there information on for airport designing and there are over 2700 aircraft on that list, so you can imagine having all those aircraft in Infinite Flight, you would be there for days scrolling through them all to find the aircraft you want to fly because there are so many options, then the problem with liveries it would be so hard to decide on what one to choose. It would put a lot of stress on the Infinite Flight developers on creating all those aircraft and liveries.

Here is the excel spreadsheet containing the information, it might download the spreadsheet to your computer automatically.


65% sure this is the right category, if not just tell me and I will move it to the correct category

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Jesus that is a lot…a lot more than I realised.

lol 😂

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That’s what I said when I first seen them all.

Searching with keywords is a key solution.

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I do see that as an option, but like I said above.

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